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Kathleen Marie:  Artist statement

My art is rooted entirely in love. It remains, as it began, a love of the subject matter which is nature, a love of artistic expression, a love of wood and a love of discovery, challenge and sharing.

Getting out of my self and into nature saves me and stabilizes me. Those moments when I catch my breath because I am suddenly struck with the beauty that surrounds me, this is when I feel closest to God. I never tire of seeing birds fly or spiders spinning their webs, following a deer trail or seeing the light turn magical in the evening.

about her art
Artistic expression for me is a way to show gratitude, to give thanks for the many gifts we have, for the beauty that surrounds us and to tell the story of how I see things. In a way I feel it is my duty to express and share these gifts that Ive been given, to keep the circle of love ever expanding. Without the sharing of art with the art appreciator the value of a piece is greatly diminished. I begin something in love and when the person that it was meant for comes along they are the one that finishes it by falling in love, the circle is complete.

Kathleen welcomes visitors to her studio and gallery by
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