Pyrography - original art by Kathleen Marie
All images are printed on acid free 300 lb. paper (Giclees) or high quality acid free photo paper. Prints are sold unframed. Care has been taken
to match the images on these pages to the actual prints. However, some variation in color may occur.

A Temporary Truce - Hummingbird

Other titles I considered for this piece were, "Tiny Titans","Mighty Mites", "Bejeweled Juggernauts" and in a silly moment "Moored Missiles". You can see a pattern here. Im always amazed at the huge hearts and aggressive nature of the minuscule hummingbirds. They seem to think they are the biggest bird on the block. At my feeders the males and females fight constantly. They even fight with their own kids once they get to a certain age, and they chase any other bird that gets too close to their feeder or perch. I saw one chase off a Scrub jay and have read an account of a hummer chasing a hawk out of it's territory. I wouldn't want to tangle with a Scrub jay, much less a hawk.

The beauty of these little birds is obvious and their mastery of flight is incomparable, but the largess of their personality and spirit is a thing to behold as well. In a temporary truce, they take a break and allow me to admire them for a moment.

A Temporary Truce

3.5" x 8"
Edition: Open

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