Pyrography - original art by Kathleen Marie
All images are printed on acid free 300 lb. paper (Giclees) or high quality acid free photo paper. Prints are sold unframed. Care has been taken
to match the images on these pages to the actual prints. However, some variation in color may occur.

This is a very special image to me. The horses, Tia and Scout, belonged to my friend Debbie. She recently had to sell them and it just broke her heart to have to let her ‘babies’ go. The cat, Jack, is one of mine. I came up with the idea for this picture from a memory of one day when Deb and I were riding. She was running the horses in the round pen and one of her cats was hanging out in the pen with her while the horse galloped around them. He was playing with the whip when it was not in use. It was just so neat to see this little cat sitting calmly in the ring as the horses thundered around him waiting for the whip to stop cracking so he could play with it. What a great lesson for dealing with life. So Circle of Fiends was born to capture memories, to represent the beauty and funny quirks of life and to honor a wonderful friendship.

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends
horses and a cat - what a
wonderful friendship

12" x 12"
Edition: 200

8" x 8"
Edition: 200

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