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All images are printed on acid free 300 lb. paper (Giclees) or high quality acid free photo paper. Prints are sold unframed. Care has been taken
to match the images on these pages to the actual prints. However, some variation in color may occur.

Sahara Sunset;
the End of an Age
Scimitar-horned Oryx

9.5" x 18"
Edition: 500

The Scimitar-horned Oryx is one of the most beautiful and interesting of the antelope species. Extinct in the wild, the species is being kept alive by captive breeding programs such as the one at Bamberger Ranch Preserve in Johnson City, Texas. The hope is to one day return the Oryx to its native land in a genetically sound, healthy population. Habitat destruction and over hunting have led to its demise.

In preparation to do this piece of art Margaret Bamberger took me out into the Oryx preserve so I could study and photograph the animals. They are quite wild, difficult to approach and beautiful to watch as they race away from us in the tall, golden grass. I learned that these Oryx can use their rapier like horns as fierce weapons and have been known to impale lions in their life and death battles.

Thus the concept of this image developed as I imagined a group of Oryx faced with hungry lions. They are all watching the lions intently and the male with his head down does a threat posture. The tension in the animals is palpable as they prepare themselves to flee and if necessary, fight. The concept of struggle is symbolic of the plight that these animals face with extinction. The wood that I selected represents a sunset with clouds forming though light is still visible and shines brightly on the Oryx. The wood itself is illustrative of the enduring struggle between hope and despair.

Though its future looks bleak there is still hope for the Oryx.

50 percent of the profits of each limited edition print of “Sahara Sunset” will go to Bamberger Ranch Preserve to help save the Oryx.
To learn more about the Preserve’s endangered species breeding program go to:

Sahara Sunset; the End of an Age (Scimitar-horned Oryx)
Native to Africa – extirpated in the wild

50% profit of each "Sahara Sunset"
print will go to the Bamberger Ranch Preserve
to help save the Oryx

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