Pyrography - original art by Kathleen Marie
All images are printed on acid free 300 lb. paper (Giclees) or high quality acid free photo paper. Prints are sold unframed. Care has been taken
to match the images on these pages to the actual prints. However, some variation in color may occur.

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Ghost Walker
(Elk in Aspen grove)

9" x 19"
Edition: 50

While in Colorado doing an art show I mentioned to my host that I had been trying to find some aspen wood to work on. He offered to give me a few pieces from his firewood pile, a couple small logs. It sparked the genesis of my doing 3 dimensional pieces, which I had been considering for some time. This is the first piece of that series. I love to do animals on wood from the area they live in so an elk was perfect. The wood, being straight grained and narrow, gave me a challenge as to composition. Ghost Walker is the result of staring at this wood for hours until the idea came to me of how to best utilize it. The color is all natural.

Original on Aspen

Ghost Walker

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