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Kathleen Marie:  Internationally recognized artist

Pyrographic Art – The Process 
      Pyrography-the art process of burning images into wood or leather by use of a heated tool.
Wood-burning Tutorial»»

1.The art process begins with inspiration-when my ideas and study of the wood grain come together.

2. After finding the wood and developing the concept for a piece, wood preparation is the next step.
3. Once the wood is prepared I begin work on the sketch. Composition issues are worked out here so the grain of the wood works for rather than against me.

4. With the sketch well underway I begin burning the image with my pyro tool. This is slow and tedious as no changes or corrections can be made after burning.
5.Sometimes color is applied to a piece and for this I use prismacolor pencils. These pigments can be made permanent by burning them into the wood.

6. Finishing – a fixative is used on pieces with color, then tung oil or laquer or a combination of the two. Finally a matt finish to reduce the glare is used.

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